Art/Design Technology

Paper Making

Discover how paper is made with plant fibres, water and lots of energy. Recycle waste paper, experiment and decorate with different materials. Create individually designed hand-made paper or mould into shapes for model-making.

Group size: Max 10
Time: 30-50 mins
Cost: Free


Collect leaves, feathers, sand and arrange on paper. Use the dark room to develop and fix the photogram for a visually dramatic result. A very popular activity which provides excellent display materials.

Group size: Max 6 /12
Time: 30 mins / 1 hour
Cost: 50p per child

Mask Making

Make and wear masks to add atmosphere to special occasions for drama, or to display, A creative activity which offers a fun opportunity to experiment with different materials and techniques, such as papier mache in creating masks according to children’s own designs. Use natural found materials for stunning effects.

Group size: Max 30
Time: 1hr +
Cost: 20p per child

Environmental Art

Heard of Andy Goldsworthy? Children will be inspired to use found natural materials– leaves, twigs, berries, clay, stones – to create pictures, abstract or on a theme like “wildlife”. Close observational drawing focuses concentration and improves skills, stimulated by the beautiful flowers or buildings at Kench Hill. Make a mural using large rolls of paper.

Group size: 10- 30
Time: 45 mins +
Cost: Free

Natural Dyeing, Spinning & Weaving

Having fleeced the Kench Hill sheep, investigate the properties of wool (including the smell!) and the changes to be made by washing, natural dyeing, carding, spinning and weaving. Incorporate with felt-making and tie-dyeing for a whole day of art, craft, design and scientific investigation. Children can continue weaving as a free time activity in the evenings to take home a piece of cloth.

Group size: Max 10
Time: 1 hour per activity
Cost: 50p per child for 3 activities

Shelter Building

Making shelters is an inventive fun activity which is ideal for small group work. It covers Year 6 Scheme of work for DT and is also an excellent team-building activity ideal for PSHE. Using a variety of materials the children will plan their design and then create it. Finally they will carry out tests and discover possible improvements. It can lead to further in-depth investigation of built structures.

Group size: Max 12
Time: 45 mins +
Cost: Free
Teaching Notes: YES Download here Shelterbuilding

Bread Making – Past And Present

Grind wheat using pupil energy with Kench Hill’s purpose-made millstone. Always a favourite, this is now even more popular as the bread is made hygienically in the kitchen to eat later. Can be combined with butter-making, link to historical study eg Victorians or World War 2, or to develop healthy eating in PSHE. Enhance the topic with a visit to a local windmill or Rare Breeds Centre (additional charge).

Group size: Max 12
Time: 1 hr Wednesdays only
Cost: FREE from June 2010!

Model Making And Woodwork

Model making is a popular activity which allows children to be creative and use many different materials, mostly obtained from recycled sources. In the past projects included work linked with shelter-building. Woodwork hand tools and equipment are available in the Barn for an in-depth DT activity eg to design and construct bird-feeders or nest-boxes. Link to observational activity and research eg about birds or other animals during the week. Ideal as a small group activity.

Group size: Max 12
Time: 1/2 day
Cost: Woodwork £1 each, model making 50p each

Clay Play And Brick-Making

Dig out raw clay sitting underground for thousands of years for transformation and metamorphosis in the hands of a child. Squidging, squashing, shaping, teasing into faces, creatures or simply bricks which can be fired or left to dry naturally. Learn how processes of erosion have shaped the land and compare with physical processes in bread-making.

Group size: Max 10 (15 Clay Play )
Time: 1 hr
Cost: Free or £1.50 each if fired

Tile Mosaics

Make individual designs to take home, inspired by Nature’s own patterns. Use recycled and natural materials to create a beautiful tile.

Group size: Max 10
Time: 1 hr
Cost: 50p per child