Rocks, Soils And Fossils

All the equipment necessary and a variety of soils, rocks and fossils for children to use in real investigative science. Trips away from Kench Hill (clay) can provide comparative soil and rock types, such as Dover (chalk), Hastings (sandstone), or Camber (sand). The ultimate visit to Folkestone beach is excellent for collecting fossils and minerals, also for rock pooling . Link to an art activity eg sand pictures or clay play.

Group size: 8 +
Time: 1 hr
Cost: Free


Using the Centre’s excellent weather station linked to a computer in the library, children can download recorded information and create graphs showing wind speed, direction,, rainfall, temperature and pressure. More traditional apparatus like rain gauges and maximum and minimum thermometers can also be used.

Group size: Any
Time: 10 mins+ daily
Cost: Free

Orienteering & Co-Ordinates

Learn how to use a compass to discover hidden clues in Kench Hill’s garden. Accuracy and team work are essential. Two differing courses allow for progression – kids love the challenge and the chance to learn a useful new skill. Link to work with maps and co-ordinates. Develop further with exciting geocache exploration in local woodlands.

Group size: 8-12
Time: 1 hr
Cost: Free

Local Walks

Always fun and memorable, for many it’s a first contact with a natural rural environment. Long or short, through river valley and farm, for map work and collecting, we can tailor the walk to your needs. Follow the stream to Cow Poo Lane, choose a circular route from Tenterden’s steam railway, or along Appledore village and the Military Canal. Heron Wood is spectacular in Spring and awesome in Autumn, ideal for a multi-sensory woodland adventure. Ideal as an introduction on Monday afternoon or a more leisurely pace during the week. Raincoats, walking sticks and wellies available for all sizes!
* With prior arrangement we can choose a suitable route for wheelchair users.

Group size: 15-30
Time: 2hrs – whole day
Cost: Free

Village Study

Go by mini-bus to local village settlements of Woodchurch or Appledore, or larger towns of Rye and Tenterden. Investigate similarities and differences between here and home.

Group size: Max 15
Time: 2 hrs
Cost: £5-10 per group (50p per mile by minibus)

See also Day Trips eg to Camber Sands, Ecclesbourne Glen.